Transforming Project and Programme Management

Your business depends upon successful delivery of projects - on time, on scope, and on budget.  How often can you honestly say that your projects meet these criteria?

Evidence and Change can help transform your project management landscape.  With a breadth of knowledge stemming from working with over 200 businesses, we can quickly identify improvements to process and methodology, providing rapid benefits and ROI.

Evidence and Change is also reseller of a variety of Project and Programme Management tools.  We can accelerate your selection of the right tool for your organisation, and assist in a rapid, benefits focused implementation.

How can a project and portfolio management software solution help?
  • Do you want to identify and execute changes in strategy ?
    A PPM tool means visibility for better and faster decisions. It makes better insights available to more people.
  • Do you want to drive innovation and get your products to market faster?
    PPM helps organisations select products, resource projects, and execute product development and commercialisation. Fast.
  • Do you want to allocate resources to top priority projects?
    Your people are your most precious resource. The right PPM tool will improve staff utilisation through improved allocation, transparent assignments, and better forecasting.
  • Do you want to improve project productivity?
    With a PPM tool, you can create internal and operational efficiencies.
  • Do your projects slip when it comes to timelines?
    PPM tools can improve project timelines by as much as 50%.