Supporting Your Change Programme

Too many businesses embark on a change programme without certainty that the route being taken is indeed the right one and without the right support to ensure the change will be adopted. At Evidence and Change we bring a new approach to business improvement.

Evidence and Change can bring a fresh, strategic, systematic and supportive approach to your change programme.  A dual focus on analytics combined with a very personal approach gives the best chance of delivering successful change.

How can Evidence and Change help?

  • Select the right projects.
    Too often we see change projects which do not correlate with the vision for the organisation.  We can help with alignment of strategy to vision, and of projects to strategy, ensuring that the change outcomes will be consistent with the vision.
  • Appropriate governance.
    Manage the change agenda with the same diligence you would manage a project for your key customer.  We will advise on the best governance approach suited to your organisation.
  • An analytical approach.
    Data are a key asset to your business.  Good analytics can help with identifying the need for change projects, and track benefit realisation.
  • People first.
    Change cannot happen unless everyone is on board.  We can advise a variety of approaches to maximising engagement..